Posted on 26th, Jan 21

Transferring to a new home within your state is an easier process than an interstate move. That is why an interstate move requires a lot more planning to do beforehand. Here is the whole process of an interstate move to better prepare you and your family.


1. Safety of your belongings

The safety of the belongings is the source of most stress for those who have experienced an interstate move. The owners worry about their things reaching the destination in one piece as the distance it has to travel is longer than a move within a state. Hiring a professional removalist who can properly pack all of your belongings can ensure their safety.


2. Travel time

Another factor which makes an interstate move a pain is traffic. What should only take a few hours of travel time for some people can slowly turn into long agonizing hours due to traffic. You can avoid traffic by knowing the right time to move. While making visits to your new home address prior to move, ask your future neighbors about roads that are less congested. Since professional removalists have been on the roads for years, they know the right time and less congested roads to get your belongings to new home safely on time.


3. The first night

The most difficult time during an interstate move is spending the first night in your new home. You are still unsettled and uncomfortable in the new home and neighborhood. Your kitchen is not running yet. You do not have any friends to go to.
You can help ease the first night for yourself and your family by unpacking the usual entertainment items such as laptop, books or TV first. You can either order food for home delivery go to a have dinner in a good restaurant near your new house. This way you can take a tour of the new neighborhood.

You should be able to prepare and help make the move as stress free as possible by knowing what to expect in an interstate move. Contact AAA Movers if you are looking for a professional team of movers to safely transport all of your belongings. Visit our website or call us at 1300 727 115 for more information about our interstate removals service. You can also send us an email at info@aaamovers.com.au for any interstate removals query.