Posted on 26th, Jan 21

Worried about moving a pricey painting? Want to move an item unscathed? There are often special items in our houses that need to be transported safely. These items can be antiques or items that cost significant money, like high-end electronics. In this week’s blogpost, our experts will offer you some tips on how to move your hard-to-replace valuables.


1. Always get proper packing supplies

This is a very important step. If you think you cannot do this yourself, don’t hesitate to ask your movers for the appropriate packing supplies. Professional movers will know the right way and techniques to pack supplies. For valuables, it’s not a bad idea to invest in some extra money on protective packing.


2. Get your valuables insured

Anything that will be going on a truck should be covered by insurance. Check to see if your homeowner’s insurance covers a move. Alternatively, find out if your moving company offers extra insurance. Anything not going on a truck can be kept in your vehicle during moving, like important paperwork or expensive jewelry.


3. Carefully wrap your items individually

Don’t think you don’t need to wrap up an item just so it saves more time. Your moving company might not offer insurance on items not wrapped. Use bubble wrap or cushion foam. If you use a box, shake it slightly after you’re done packing to check the contents don’t move inside. If they do, that means you need to add more padding.


4. Inform your movers about the valuables

Point out the fragile items to your removalists at the time of booking or when you’re getting your quote. Items should also be clearly labeled as being fragile. It will also help Movers in Sydney bring any specific packing material they might need. On the day of the move, check in with your removal service if they have informed their employees about the fragile luggage.


5. Moving electronics in original containers

If you want to ensure safety of your desktop computer, your best bet will be to transport it in the authentic company box. Considering it has been safely shipped that way once, the second time should not be a problem either. If you don’t have the original box, consider investing in specialty boxes.


6. Packing breakables properly

Glass is the most fragile item and needs special attention. When packing your breakables, use cushioning wrap, packing paper, strong tape. If you have a mirror, put packing tape on it in the shape of an X to keep pieces in place in case of breakage. Fill loose spaces in boxes. Fit dishes on the edge of boxes so they’re less likely to shatter. However, remember that if you pack breakables yourself and they break, the damage might not be covered by insurance.

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