Posted on 26th, Jan 21

Moving can be expensive. From paying to your movers to buying the boxes and several other smaller items and then paying for the new home itself – the costs keep piling up. However, you can earn back some of that money by being clever and organised. Making money when you are moving to a new place isn’t as difficult as you might think. All you need to do is plan ahead to give yourself time and peace of mind to take care of everything while getting some cash back too.

In today’s post we will help you see a few ways in which you can make some easy money when you move to a new home.



Rather than throwing everything in panic or selling your furniture using consignment stores, try to sell them yourself. Stores usually only pay you 50% of what they get for a piece. Not only you lose half of your money, they also slash your profits even more if your furniture doesn’t sell for a certain number of days or weeks

Instead of furniture removals to a store and then waiting for them to get you a fraction of their original worth, try to put them up online. Take some pictures in a clearly-lit room, and use an online selling website to easily sell your furniture. You can also use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social networking site to sell your items using word of mouth. Put up pictures on these sites setting their privacy as “public” and you might get a message from a friend of a friend or even your neighbour who was clueless about your move.

No commission paid to anyone and you will get 100% worth of your furniture.



Many people don’t carry everything from their kitchen when they move to a new house. Moving kitchen items can be tricky and then some people simply want to start a new life with newly painted pots and china. If you too are discarding much of your kitchen belongings, think specialty stores. Did your nonna pass a vintage saucer set to you that you no longer want to keep? Vintage items can get you as much as 100s of dollars, so make sure not to sell these for low in a local stores or online. Try out specialty or art shops like Etsy to get more from your used and old kitchen items.



One of the easiest way to get rid of your old stuff while getting good value is yard sales. You can price your items as much as you want and then lower the prices if you see something is not selling. From your old clothes to your children’s furniture, books and shoes that they have outgrown, yard sales are the best way to get some cash without having to drive everything to a store. With the online spaces growing more than ever before, you can use them to spread the word about your garage sales to get more visitors. If you don’t want to invite strangers to your yard, simply give a call to your friends, colleagues and neighbours and you will still manage to get rid of a lot of the items and earn tons of cash.



Finally, the pricey old boxes! Moving cartons don’t come cheap. Once you have moved in to your new house, instead of throwing your boxes or giving them away for free, why not put them up online and sell them? You would be surprised to know how many people seek out cheaper alternative and buy used boxes.



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