Not So Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Moving mistakes can create havoc for weeks after the move. Take the following recommendations from AAA Movers to avoid common moving mistakes.

Renting Out Your Old Place

It makes sense that the wise thing to do is to rent out your old place, but renting it out too soon can lead to disaster. Renting out your home means you’ll be a property manager with all the responsibilities and expenses associated with renting out a property. Being a landlord doesn’t necessarily take experience, but it does take knowledge, so be sure that you have a plan to manage your home remotely, and possibly the wisest decision is not to add to the chaos of the move with renting your property out too soon.

Selling Your Home

Property owners that can afford two mortgages still have the decision of when to sell the home. With the right tenant, and often rent that is higher than the mortgage, some property owners are in the position to hold onto their homes for years. This scenario is a wealth building scenario, allowing your home to appreciate in value for many years while someone else pays the mortgage payment.

Muddling a Mortgage on A New Home

For many, relocating means buying a new home before the move or new job. When a new job is involved in the relocation, be sure to structure your employment agreement to avoid lender issues.


There are things that won’t fit into the new home, or won’t belong, but are just too hard to get rid of. Storing items is a big temptation but remember the flip side. Storage will likely become permanent, so why not get rid of them now.

Counting on Your Belongings Arriving On-time

The perfect scenario is for your belongings and furniture to arrive on time. Unfortunately, you cannot always depend on your belongings arriving on time. To avoid upset should they not arrive, pack a starter kit with all the essentials to keep you going for a few days in the event your belongings are late to arrive.
Moving is stressful and as many tips as you can take will lessen the degree of chaos with the move. For quality relocation experts for your Sydney move, contact AAA Movers at 1300 727 115.

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